Already in 1831 Malenotti, and others before him, wrote about this variety. “The grains of this grape with gentle skin are thick and modestly long with full red color and violet appearances”. This variety is closely linked to Tuscany but unfortunately, often appreciated in blends. Instead, this Canaiolo Nero comes from a mass selection of an old vineyard planted in the 70s. This represents the courage of a man who believed in it, deciding to go against consensus by cultivating this Canaiolo as a premium variety. The vineyard has a long history behind it. Almost five decades of sun and cool wind that constantly blows from the Apennines.

  • Production area: Marcialla, Tuscany
  • Soil: Alberese, clay loam texture
  • Variety: Canaiolo Nero, mass selection process
  • Vineyard: 1972, East-Nord East expostion
  • Harvest: Manual in crates
  • Fermatation: Spontaneous
  • Aging: 14 months, oval oak barrels
  • Production: 1700 bottles + 16 Magnum